Picked up this Seiko 7T42-7A10 last week

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Picked up this Seiko 7T42-7A10 last week

Post by mgeoffriau »

New poster here. I've owned a handful of 7A28 and 7A38 models, and just wanted to show off a new 7T42 I picked up.

I've been a big fan of the styling on these titanium models, but I've never found the similarly-styled 7A38 model for anything close to what I'd be willing to spend. When I stumbled across this 7T42-7A10 last week for a very reasonable price, I couldn't resist. It's in very good to excellent condition, and the seller kindly included the better part of a second bracelet as well.


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Re: Picked up this Seiko 7T42-7A10 last week

Post by Seiko7A38 »

Thanks for sharing Mark. That looks like a decent example. Obviously the design took cues from the earlier JDM titanium 7A38-7030 SJS018; case design, square pushers, crown(s), etc. It's not unusual to see the 7A38 fitted with the p/n YB21A bracelet normally found on the 7T42, for want of the proper replacement.

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