Roger Moore's 7A28-????

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Roger Moore's 7A28-????

Post by RayBani »

Hi. I have been trying to find out what is the watch Roger Moore is wearing in the movie A View to a Kill. Some sites say it's the 7A28-7020 but the bracelet looks like the one I have on the 7A38-702A.
So what I think I'm looking for is White dial two tone maybe just golden hands, 7A28 with Sunburst subdials with 702A like bracelet, big black indice on the 12 o'clock bezel.

Does this exist or am I seeing it wrong ?

ga064-seiko-7a28-7020-quartz-chronograph-james-bond-view-to-a-kill.jpg (197.8 KiB) Viewed 395 times
90929801713114sbes.jpg (84.19 KiB) Viewed 395 times

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Re: Roger Moore's 7A28-????

Post by Seiko7A38 »

I've moved your thread from the 7Axx General Discussion area (where you created it) to the 7A28-xxx forum section. ;)
There's a partial answer there for you in the thread at the bottom of this section. The stainless Seiko chronograph with a white dial, worn by the late Roger Moore in the opening sequence of 'A View to a Kill' is the 7A28-7020 SPR007J.

There's also this thread: Would you buy a watch worn by 007 Roger 'eyebrows' Moore ? in the old archived forum.
You may also find this one fairly enlightening: The (NOT) James Bond 007 eBay 7Axx Keyword Spamming thread.

You'll learn that a lot of eBay sellers incorrectly use the term 'James Bond' (as keyword spamming) on many different Seiko 7Axx's, which can lead to confusion. There is only one true 'Bond 7Axx' - the stainless 7A28-7020 SPR007J. 8-)

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