Another stupidly over-priced 7A28-7020 'James Bond' on eBay

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Another stupidly over-priced 7A28-7020 'James Bond' on eBay

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Goes without saying, really, it was listed on eBay earlier this afternoon by our favorite keyword-spamming Italian seller, with a typically over-ambitious Buy-it-Now price of 2000 Euros ! :lol: Not only that, but according to Giuseppe, it's also a 'Holy Grail'. :roll: One thing he's claiming , which it most certainly is not and that's a full set. As usual, he's cobbled some random odds and sods together, to give the false impression of being a full set.

The watch may be in decent cosmetic condition, but doesn't have a JWCII inspection sticker on the case-back, so that rules out any claim of it being 'NOS'. The distinctly dog-eared 7A28 user instruction manual has the serial number of another watch scrawled on it in biro. The Seiko 'Great Blue' presentation boxes, which look slightly secondhand, belong to the recent Prospex models. And of course, as with most of his similar allegedly 'NOS' / 'Full Set' listings there's one of his generic blank Seiko SQ paper hangs dangling there, which frankly means absolutely nothing and adds Zero value. ... 4289892728

7A28-7020-SPR007J-Stainless-WhiteFace-eBay-July2021-Listing.png (231.71 KiB) Viewed 69 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-1.jpg (244.93 KiB) Viewed 57 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-8.jpg (243.63 KiB) Viewed 57 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-9.jpg (241.04 KiB) Viewed 57 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-6.jpg (119.75 KiB) Viewed 57 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-10.jpg (245.9 KiB) Viewed 57 times
rsz_7a28-7020-spr007j-jamesbond-stainless-whiteface-ebay-july2021-11.jpg (203.6 KiB) Viewed 57 times

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