Seiko 7A38 - by the numbers


An appreciation of the World's First Analogue Quartz Chronograph...

and particularly of the 7A38 day/date version, in all its many and various guises.


Hello, and Welcome to what I hope will become THE #1 Resource for Seiko 7A38s (including associated 7Axx 15J calibers and their derivatives). 

Please note: At its inception, in late January 2012, this site was intended primarily to be a blog. If you click on the next 3 tabs: News, Blog, Photos you might get the impression that little has happened since then, which would be completely wrong. Whether it was a correct decision or not, a little over a week after the site was created, I added a forum module. Since then, 99% of all activity has taken place there. Click on the Forums tab and you'll find over 900 topics containing 19,000 posts and a similar number of photos - and hopefully what you were looking for. Enjoy. PS.


On 1st September, 2020, Webs Inc., who currently host this website, announced that they would be migrating all their customers' sites to their parent company Vistaprint on 31st March 2021. Although this wasn't actually stated in Webs' announcement (only mentioned in the accompanying FAQ's), Vistaprint websites offer no provision or support for a forum app. Unfortunately, this means the forum and the wealth of information it contains, will effectively cease to exist from 31st March 2021. Please read the sticky topic in the forum's General Discussion section for further details and updates.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all forum members, past and present, for their valued contributions over the last 9 years and for helping this site achieve my original aim of becoming that #1 online resource. It's been a rewarding, if at times slightly frustrating, experience.

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