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1) Locate your part using this interchange website
2) Copy the part number (Ctrl + C keys) at the same time
3) Go to www.JulesBorel.com
4) In the search bar on the upper right hand side, paste the part number into the search box (Ctrl + V keys)
5) If the part is in stock, place into your shopping cart and purchase when all items have been ordered.

Price information in this database is outdated. Please refer to the www.JulesBorel.com website for current pricing.

Case Parts Listing with Interchange

  Case #

  Try these references: SEK CS#1100-0010, ROL CS#1675

  See what happens when you enter a partial reference: OME CS#

  •   (For Citizen: replace the characters before the 'dash' with a '4' Ex:0321-S03178 becomes CIT CS#4-S03178)

  •  Search for parts for manufacturers from A to F
     Search for parts for manufacturers from G to O
     Search for parts for manufacturers from P to Z
     SEIKO cases starting with '1100-'