Hello and welcome!

Hello and welcome to our new website / forum, which replaces the eponymously named Webs hosted site, which ran (and latterly stumbled) for 9 years, from the end of January 2012 to the end of January 2021. That vast repository of shared knowledge has thankfully been saved for posterity, in its entirety, as a static archive. Plans include adding a search function to the old forum.

The new site includes a phpBB based forum, with a similar look and feel and scope of topics. Whether you were previously a member or not, please feel free to register and contribute. Please take the trouble to read the Welcome announcement and Rules for posting, before you do. To give visitors some initial reading matter, over the last two months’ hiatus, I have seeded the new forum with a couple of dozen threads.

However, my primary focus over the next year or so will be the construction of a full set of individual blog articles covering every known Seiko 7A38 model variation – something I failed to achieve on the old site. These will appear under the Catalogue tab towards the right of the toolbar. The two articles that currently exist are placeholders, while we continue to search for a more suitable WordPress template.

We look forward to continually expanding and improving the Number #1 Resource on the Internet.